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How to connect to Natural Gas

Connecting to Natural Gas is easy. Follow these simple steps and you will be connected in no time.

Gas flame icon
Step 1

Check gas availability for your address by clicking the button above, or by calling our Customer Service Team on 1300 001 001.

Step 2

Choose your energy retailer.
Contact them directly and set up a natural gas account.

Step 3

If this is the first time your address will be connected to gas, we will install a service line before connecting a gas meter. If there is a pre-existing connection at your property, we will come out and fit a gas meter.

Step 4

Speak with your preferred gas fitter about connecting appliances and the internal work required.

Step 5

Once the service line and gas meter is installed, your gas fitter should complete the required internal work and certify your appliances.

Step 6

You’re all done and now ready to start enjoying the benefits of Natural Gas.