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> APA’s Response to COVID-19 Shutdowns

APA’s operations are an essential service to our customers and the people of Australia. As such, our critical facilities and essential field sites will remain operational to ensure our assets remain safe and services to our customers continue.

Our focus is on the safety of our people and the community, and the resilience of critical operations. In light of recent announcements by the Prime Minister and various state premiers about progressive shutdowns of non-essential services, our people will work remotely wherever possible. Offices and field depots will remain open for essential activities only, such as our Integrated Operations Centre.

A dedicated Crisis Management Team, reporting to the CEO and Managing Director, Rob Wheals will continue to monitor the situation and lead APA’s response.

Rob Wheals said, “APA is absolutely focused on its essential role in ensuring the ongoing supply of gas and electricity for Australians. We will continue to do that safely and reliably. APA has mature and well-tested business continuity plans that will ensure our assets, people and communities remain safe and that our valued services are provided to our customers in accordance with our Customer Promise.

“We will work collaboratively with others in our industry to provide the essential services that our customers and the people of Australia rely on.”

APA has a robust crisis management capability. A cross-functional team has been monitoring advice on the ongoing escalation of the COVID-19 outbreak and managing issues as they arise, as well as planning ahead. We are working with our key stakeholders to maintain service continuity and critical supplies, and to understand and manage potential challenges going forward. 

We have followed government advice on actions to be taken. This has included a progressive move to remote working, and other social distancing protocols, in order to provide for the health and well-being of our people and their families, while at the same time ensuring the operational resilience of our energy infrastructure and the services we supply. 

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