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Natural Gas, what’s it all about?
With Natural Gas, you’ll never run out of fuel. Underground pipelines mean that protection of supply is significantly increased during storms or other weather events, as compared to other above ground alternatives. Natural Gas does more than just stove top cooking. 
It can be used for water heating, outdoor BBQ’s, clothes drying, heating your home and mood-setting fireplaces and heaters.
By all measures, Natural Gas is the leading energy source for the future, available today.
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For The Home

Are you ready to start enjoying the benefits of Natural Gas and explore the lifestyle options it provides? Are you ready to become more energy efficient and possibly lower your energy costs? Find out how Natural Gas could save you money.

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For Your Business

One fuel, many benefits. Natural Gas can play a key role in keeping businesses running.

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How To Connect

Click here to find out what steps are involved in connecting to the Allgas network, or call 1300 001 001 to speak with our team.

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Hydrogen Future

Details landing soon.