APA’s Response to COVID-19 Shutdowns

APA’s operations are an essential service to our customers and the people of Australia. As such, our critical facilities and essential field sites will remain operational to ensure our assets remain safe and services to our customers continue. Our focus is on the safety of our people and the community, and the resilience of critical [...]

Choosing the right hot water system

Water heating accounts for a quarter of typical household energy use if you use a conventional tank hot water system. It's worth reviewing your current hot water use and forecasting expected increases (planning a family?) when designing your new home and understanding there are alternatives to conversional systems. You may find a hot water system [...]

Eliminate the Risk – Use a Licensed Plumber or Gas Fitter

When trying to keep renovation or building costs to the absolute minimum, making it a DIY job or engaging a handyman to do the work tends to take a more favourable step forward over hiring a licensed plumber or gas fitter. But by doing this, you are putting yourself and your family’s health at risk, [...]