APA Group can advise that approximately 5000 gas customers in the Gold Coast region, including the Dreamworld complex, are currently affected by a loss of gas supply resulting from third-party damage to GDI’s network at Foxwell Road, Coomera.

The incident occurred at approximately 11.30am today and resulted in a total loss of network pressure in the local region. No injuries or damage to other property were recorded, and no evacuations or exclusion zones were required.

APA Group crews commenced repair works this afternoon and a team of up to 40 fitters have since been mobilised to carry out restoration works. The immediate focus is on completing repairs and planning the gas reconnection process.

At this stage it is estimated repair works will continue through the night before fitters commence reconnection works tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, due to the large number of properties affected, that process will take a minimum of 24 hours to complete, so some customers may not have their gas restored until as late as Friday 15 June 2018.

APA Group sincerely apologises to affected customers for the inconvenience caused. Further public updates will be provided as the repair work progresses. Customers can also contact the call centre on 1800 643 183.