We have made connecting to Natural Gas simple

To start the process, check the availability of Natural Gas by calling 1300 001 001.

How to connect to Natural Gas

Connecting to Natural Gas is simple.  Following these simple steps and you will be connected in no time;

  • Check gas availability for your address by clicking the button below, or by calling our Customer Service Team on 1300 001 001
  • Choose your energy retailer: Contact them and set up an account
  • If there is a pre-existing connection at your property, we will come out and fit a gas meter. If this is the first time your address will be connected to gas, we will install a service line before connecting a gas meter
  • Speak with your preferred gas fitter about connecting appliances and the internal work required
  • Once the service line and gas meter is installed, your gas fitter should complete the required internal work and certify your appliances
  • You’re done and ready to start enjoying Natural Gas